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TNT Systems has recognized the importance of Voice over IP as a set of protocols that will re-energize the telecommunications sector and will ensure clear benefits to customers. To help facilitate the deployment of VoIP, TNT Systems has become an exclusive distributor and a customer support center for the SIP protocol stack developed by dynamicsoft. The SIP User Agent software available from TNT Systems is written in C++ and it has been optimized for Windows 2000, Solaris and Linux operating systems. Another version of the SIP User Agent, written in Java is also available.

TNT Systems engineering force provides a top notch pre-sales and post-sales support for all the SIP products we sell. We also attend all the SIP interoperability events (SIPIT) in order to assure that the SIP protocol software continues to be the top of the line product.

In order to provide a "one stop" solution to VoIP developers, TNT Systems has partnered with a number of companies that provide VoIP related software products like H.323, RTP, RTCP, soft codecs, and other telecommunications protocol stacks like ISDN, Frame Relay, PPP, etc.




Download a free demo of the SIP User Agent software. To find out more please click here

TNT Systems is now an exclusive distributor of the dynamicsoft SIP User Agent s/w (C++ and Java). Read the Press Release here.

TNT Systems partners with Nine-9s and Astrocruise. Please click here to read more...


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