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TNT Systems is a computer software and consulting firm formed in May 2002 to serve the embedded real time systems software markets. Together the five principals involved have almost 100 years of SW development experience in a wide variety of roles, including Program Managers, architects, designers, portation engineers, and sales engineering. TNT Systems has also established a network of senior engineers to fully support their clients.

TNT Systems principals founded Telenetworks, a highly successful protocol stackware vendor, in the 1990s. The portable protocol stacks were developed in-house, in accordance with international and manufacturers’ standards. The company, when sold to General Instrument in 1997, had 280 licensees worldwide. The engineering team completed successful custom s/w projects with large manufacturers such as Honeywell, Harris, Mitel, Fujitsu, Motorola, and many others.


Download a free demo of the SIP User Agent software. To find out more please click here

TNT Systems is now an exclusive distributor of the dynamicsoft SIP User Agent s/w (C++ and Java). Read the Press Release here.

TNT Systems partners with Nine-9s and Astrocruise. Please click here to read more...


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